Siana MB

I am a female artist from Coventry.  

I have just released a new song called ‘Big Energy’. It is a house/dance feel-good track. The message of the song in a nutshell is to create your own happiness by focusing on the positive. “Don’t like me…What do you want from me?!” is a rhetorical question repeated through the chorus. It is my way of saying that I accept that there are hardships but I choose to focus on the positive. I felt it was needed because our normal way of living has changed because of the pandemic; which has affected mental health across the country

The French-born, UK-bred artist made her debut in 2018. It was then she made it known she was going to bring her own flavour to the female scene. Her sound is a blend of House music & soulful cadences. She draws inspiration from the likes of Lauryn Hill & Pharrell. The rapper states “Music is food for the soul. I want my music to be feel-good & to make you dance; but also think & inspire.

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