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Back to school/work post lockdown – Organisation

Now that we are all beginning to get back to reality a bit more with shops and restaurants opening again, Boris Johnson (PM) has started to encourage us all to get back to work and in September he is going to make it compulsory to go to school again. It can be quite a scary time getting used to post-lockdown life with a new way of life we now know as the “New Normal”. It has to be said that this can leave people quite anxious and pretty nervous as it can be a little bit unknown, but to make it a little bit less stressful going back to work/school it is good to have all your essentials and to be organised. Here is how you can stay organised in post lockdown life! From the point of view of someone is usually extremely disorganised!

This year I am trying to be a bit more organised!

1. Stationary

It is good to have everything you need so you can make things presentable especially if you are doing A-Levels or GCSE as this means you can use your notes for revision, so you need stationery for it to be easier to do. For revision, as much as it is not all about the page being pretty it can help if it is so you feel more ready to revise, but don’t put too much focus on this as it is more about the content in the work. This year I got my stationery for reasonable prices
mainly in Wilko’s and Morrisons. These were very good quality and affordable. I also went to Whsmiths but I found these were quite a bit more expensive but had some nice stuff in there. Here are some good things to get:

  • Pens and pencils
  • A ruler so presentation is better
  • Gel pens (not essential but are quite nice, can get quite cheap)
  • Coloured pens/pencils (nice, but not essential, however, Primark are doing some at the moment that is quite cheap, they are on the second floor of the Coventry store near the
  • A calculator (A scientific one if you take GCSE maths,if you don’t it is still good to have a
    small one if you need it
  • Rubber and sharpener
  • Pencil case (A clear one if you are in an exam year, Wilkos and Whsmiths has some nice
    pencil cases that are a good size with different colors and shapes/designs)
  •  Notebooks (Especially useful for A level. Primark sells these for a cheap price. They are
    near the counter on the second floor near the phone stuff in the Coventry store, but I got
    mine before Primark opened again in Wilkos)
  • Fineliners (Not needed if you have gel pens, but they are pretty)
  • Plastic wallets
  • Tough folders with zips (a durable version of a plastic folder with mesh as well as
    plastic, only sold in Wilkos)
  • Small and large ring binders
  • Plastic dividers
  • Highlighters (I got pastel and neon, but you don’t need pastel they just look cute)
  • Plain paper/scrap paper-for notes
  • Post-it notes

2. Organisation systems

I use google notes for my digital to-do lists but you can also use apple/Andriod note or apple/android reminders which let you set alarms for to-do lists like google notes does. You can also title different to-do lists for different things and colour code them. There are other apps as well, which you can find on the app store/google play. If you prefer paper to-do lists Primark do a lovely set with tick boxes on the paper.They are near the counter and the phone stuff on the second floor in the Coventry store, home bargains do these too with post-it notes sets with different note sizes available with different colours. A planner/Dairy is useful to help you know what you need to do I got mine from Whsmiths. You can also get apps for planners or use your phone calendar or get an app like google calendar, you can also buy a wall planner/calendar for your desk, do a personalised one where you
can put your own pictures on it. Google drive is great for keeping your documents in order too!

3. Mental health and back to school or work/keeping organised

Mood journals are great for helping you and also you can get apps to track things like how much water you drink – YouTubers call this bullet journaling. This is meant to help you to be healthier and happier. I have not tried it yet, but it is talked about online quite a lot so I thought I’d mention it. Meditation apps are also meant to be quite good to help you when in an anxious time like going back to work post-lockdown

4. Things for your bag to keep organised

In key shops, you can get hooks that you attach to your keys which means you can attach it to the inside of your bag so you can find your keys easily. Wipes are useful especially anti-bacterial to keep yourself safe. Pack of emergency paper face masks (you can get 3 for £1.50 in Primark – near the counter on the second floor in the Coventry store and paper masks are also sold in small packs in M&S). It’s also good to carry hand sanitizer and tissues.

Remember to stay calm and safe!I hope this article was useful to you!

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Article written by Aimee (15)

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