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How to cope and deal with exam failure and disappointment



Exam season has passed and we have had the half-term holidays to recuperate and revise for the next set of pending exams in November-bit of a mood killer I know (sorry if I ruined your day haha!),but fear, not Christmas is arriving in less than 50 days-yayyy! However, we still have to prepare for future exams and look back on the last set of exams to see what you need to change. As annoying and boring as this is please remember to do this because it can really
support you. On the topic of exam reflection maybe like me, the exam reflection and the exam season is a time of stress and self-deprecation topped off with a bit of a self-pity party-don’t lie it happens to the best of us all. This is something of a rut we need to pull ourselves out of in a metaphorical sense. As difficult as this sounds it is possible and today’s article is going to talk all about this and how to cope and deal with exam failure and disappointment. This is all from the perspective of someone who has experienced it (many many times, too many to count haha!) Here’s the tips:

1. As they would say on tiktok and a classic pop song (I’m sorry for the cringe alert-haha!)
– ”treat yo self”
Yes, this is something you should do even if you haven’t done too well because you still tried hard and even if maybe you regret not trying you still sat the exam, so that counts for something! In life as my mum would say it is all about the little things (and also diamonds but that’s beside the point haha!) so you should still be proud of yourself for getting what you got and that means you need to give yourself a small reward like maybe a chocolate bar from the shop or a takeaway. Make sure to save the big rewards for when you smash it !-I know you will soon!

2. Motivate yourself
Keep up your determination and keep working hard because you know deep down that you can
achieve your goals if you set your mind to it! See my other previous articles for motivation
quotes and other exam tips.

3. Reflect
Look over where you went wrong, speak to your teachers to get extra help with reflection, and for
the future. Write out a list of realistic goals on a platform of your choice (see my previous article
on organisation here to find a platform for notes you might like!)

4. Practice makes perfect
Yes, the most overused parent saying of the century (to be fair it is pretty important !) The thing my mum always says to me if I’m upset about my exams. Get yourself some example model answers, exam papers, and other study resources-ask your teachers and look online for them. I promise that they will actually be useful!

5. Do not be downhearted
Keep your spirits up, you have got this!

6. Create more revision resources
Make sure to not just focus on what you can do (it’s good to recap!). Be sure to challenge yourself and try things that you may find harder. It will benefit you in the long run and will help you improve your grades!

You’ve got this! Hopefully, with these tips and also from speaking to your teachers you will be
able to improve your results!


An article written by Aimee Morley (16)

Young presenter

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