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How to cope at home during the Covid-19 outbreak

Covid-19 has interrupted all of our lives in a massive way. It is all we ever talk about or hear on the news. People cannot go out or go to work or go on holiday or hang out with friends and family or for some people like myself as a year 11 student are no longer able to sit their exams or go to prom or have a proper leavers day.

For everyone this is a difficult time because we are adjusting to a new way of life, though it is temporary, it is still hard to come to terms with as we have never in our entire life ever experienced anything quite like this. Many people are struggling to cope during this time and I personally found it very difficult that there was a quite a lot of uncertainty, especially at the beginning of all of this. I have found many ways to share with you about coping during this difficult time.

Communication online or on the phone with friends and family

For me as a year 11 student when I first found out that there were no exams to sit that I had worked so hard for and it was not entirely clear until recently how they were going to grade us. I was very upset and stressed because I had lost the year 11 experience and also I was going to miss time with my friends. We all were having the same feelings of stress and worry so face timing and messaging people helped me cope as it meant that we were not alone and we were in it together.


Year 11’s no longer have to do GCSE work and for many, such as myself. Coping with teaching myself different things was difficult and I am sure many people who work or are in lower years will struggle to get everything done for their tasks. I found that I was able to cope by setting myself timers to get certain tasks done, giving myself to-do lists and also making folders for different things helped me be able to not feel so overwhelmed by all the work. By being less overwhelmed and taking regular breaks from work I became more motivated so I was able to get everything done so this is how I coped with school work.

Mental Health

This period can be very difficult for those that struggle with their mental health and even for those that normally do not. Please remember to keep yourself busy and to try to eat healthily and reach out to friends and family online. You are not alone! You can get through this! There are lots of useful charities that can help if you are feeling low during this time, for example, MIND.


I found that being near the fridge so often means that we are often tempted to snack regularly because we are bored or because we are so near the fridge! This is ok and perfectly fine to do during lockdown. A way I found to make my snacking more healthy, was to put healthy things in fridge or cupboard. For example if I wanted a snack, I might have some raspberries with a biscuit and this mixture of healthy and unhealthy is a good way to keep healthy and still snack during quarantine.


This is something I am sure many of us have encountered over the lockdown period. The key to conquering this is to keep yourselves busy. Maybe talk to family or friends and if you have run out of ideas of what to do I definitely recommend checking out the last article I wrote on the Hillz FM website which is all about things to do whilst in Lockdown. I have a few recommendations on there of what I have been doing in lockdown. You can find that article here.

On behalf of everyone at Hillz FM and WATCH Charity we hope that you are all doing ok and remember to keep tuned to Hillz FM 98.6.

An article was written by Aimee Morley (15)

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