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Top tips for coursework

It’s coursework season! Most people have now started their coursework whether that be for GCSE or for A Level. I know I have with 2 out of 3 of my A levels having coursework. It is going to be a busy one that’s for sure, but here are somethings I have found useful when doing my current coursework and coursework in the past. This advice can be used for most subjects!

  1. Make a checklist that matches your brief so you can work through it and make sure you do everything you need to get the top grades.
  2. Regularly read over your brief and keep a copy handy so you understand everything you need to and can refer to it when you need to.
  3. Try to do a little bit everyday that way you won’t be ending up with loads of work at once. Don’t leave it all to the last minute.
  4. Ask teachers for targets-keep a log that way you can see exactly what you need to do.
  5. Attend extra classes to keep up and get extra help if need be.
  6. Ask your friends from other subjects for help their expertise from other areas may help.
  7. Use google regularly to help get content.
  8. Save your work to one drive or google drive so you don’t have to work about using a memory stick and losing it. Plus it means you can easily access your work wherever you are.
  9. Work with friends from your subject to see if you can work together to up your grades. Plus it will help if you need new ideas-brainstorming!
  10. Read over your coursework regularly that way you can see how you are doing and keep up familiarity with all of it.

Good luck!

An article written by Aimee Morley (16)

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