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TV Reviews – Man like Mobeen


Spoilers ahead!

Honestly, this has to be one of the best series of all time! This program is on BBC I-Player and it is 3 seasons long. The show is based in Small Heath and it is a Comedy showing the story of an ex-convict trying to stay on the straight and narrow with his friends for the sake of his little sister, as their mum is no longer around and nor is their dad.

They also are trying to fight racism and stereotypes in the show as well. The characters are pure icons on this show and they never fail to crack you up, having you laugh out loud constantly with some of the ridiculous things they say or do, and some of the messes they get themselves into. I absolutely love Guz Khan’s character Mobeen who is constantly trying to keep on the straight and narrow with the support of his friends: Nate and Eight. Eight (Tez Llyas) is hilarious and one of my personal favorites because he is so innocent and some of the things he says are just so funny. Nate (Tolu Ogunmefun) is very different to both of them much more cautious but still funny and they all have similar interests of protecting Aqsa (Mobeen’s little sister-Duaa Karim) and keeping her safe because they all are like a little family and love her like their little sister.

All of them really do get themselves in a big mess at times and to see them try and get out of it or when they go to do different things is something that is very unpredictable making the show very exciting! The story of season 1 is Mobeen’s day to day involvement with the police – which sees Mobeen and his friends get into a bit of trouble when really they are innocent. As expected it is very eventful with Mobeen and Eight getting arrested on separate occasions. Season 2 Mobeen continues to suffer from racism and stands up for himself with many people siding with him. He also goes to Aqsa’s prom night and Mobeen’s old dodgy pals are back. Season 3-Wow the ending was a shocker! But, anyway back to the plot of the season – Mobeen is back in the drugs world doing favours for a Leader and is out for revenge after his friends were hurt. Nate works at the foodbank and finds a love interest there. The drug mess worsens after a problem at a funeral and Mobeen continues to mess up as he protects Officer Harper as a hit is out on him. Mobeen is in trouble and needs to protect his sister and him and his friends need to get out of Small Heath. 

I cannot wait for season 4! I know it is going to be an interesting one.

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