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The next part of my new review series!


The most binge watching Netflix series ever! Well I did watch seasons 1,2,3 all in the space of 1 week …
That’s 14 + hours of tv! (yes I know that is quite a lot and possibly too much, but it is worth it).

On my block is a netflix series about a group of American teenagers in a rough neighbour just trying to get by and it is all about their friendship. It is Three seasons long, with a fourth season predicted to be released in March/April time. Season 1 and 2 have ten 30 minute episodes, with season three having only eight 30 minute episodes.

So for the plots of each season – Season 1 was based on the group trying to find the RollerWorld money. Jamal was particularly hell bent on finding this money, that was rumoured to be in the neighbourhood which had been gone for years.

In Season 2 it was mainly trying to get Caesar out of the Santos. This series ended in a shocking fashion, with a rather annoying cliff hanger.

Season 3…Well! After all that mess, this ending just annoyed everyone really. What actually happened during the series was that the group was trying to find the former leader of the Santos – Ricky. They found some rather scary things along the way. My personal favourite characters are Monse (Sierra Capri) and Ceaser (Deigo Tinoco). They are the best couple ever! This pair are absolutely iconic, but sadly have had their fair share of lows with a fair few highs.

Can’t say I think season 4 would be any easier for them which is a shame because they really deserve a break! I feel we cannot forget Ruby (Jason Genao) and Jasmine (Jessica Garcia) for being iconic and rather shocking as well! In fact I love all of the characters especially Jamal (Brett Gray) and Abuelita (Peggy Blow) because they never fail to make you laugh. I particularly miss Olivia (Ronni Hawk) who appeared in season 1. It was sad to see her go as that had a massive impact on the group especially Ruby who really liked her. I loved the way that the characters emotions at times especially following Olivia’s death and Ceaser and Monse’s relationship issues as so raw and that is really to the point you feel like the show is almost real life (which is very weird). Making the shows relationships quite realistic (the show is definitely not to be classed as realistic though-trust me!). There was always twists and turns in story lines to keep you interested. Nothing was ever predictable…

Season 2’s ending and Jamal at the end of season three also Caesars rather groundbreaking (quite upsetting ) final scene in season 3 proved this unpredictability and so did Jasmine and Ruby’s relationship in season 3 (I for one didn’t think this would happen but it did !) Overall the show is excellent and exciting. I cannot wait for season 4! I feel it’s going to be an exciting one and many conspiracy theories will soon arise about this highly anticipated series! I wonder what they will be and what will happen in season 4? I guess you will have to binge watch season 1,2,3 and wait forseason 4 to find out!

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